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Dear Friends and Colleagues


It gives us great pleasure to announce that the IWSS Board has decided the 9th International Weed Science Congress (IWSC) will be held July 7-11, 2024, in Jerusalem, Israel. Please save the date. All nationalities are all welcome!


The IWSS Board and Local Organizing Committee are planning to establish a Scientific Program Committee (SPC), to offer an up-to-date scientific program including oral presentations and posters covering the most important and innovative issues in weed science. We will invite well renowned scientists to lead the wide range of topics and sessions.


In keeping with tradition, there will also be optional workshops and training courses before the congress starts, and you are welcome to propose topics. In addition, professional excursions encompassing the advanced Israeli agriculture combined with touristic attractions are planned, which will accommodate both scientists and accompanying persons to join and enjoy. We would like to emphasize that the congress is open to weed scientists from all over the world.


Geographically, Israel is a small country with vast diversity relating to architecture, archeological and biblical sites, from the Mediterranean coastal plain to mountains in the north and desert in the south. Israel’s history dates back more than 3000 years and is home to many different religions.


Jerusalem is Israel's capital and largest city both in population and size. A holy city for three of the world's major religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


The city of Jerusalem and the Weed Science Society of Israel look forward to welcoming you. We are excited to have you experience the modern and historical aspects, and more, that Jerusalem has to offer. The perfect setting to combine science with social.


Welcome to Jerusalem!


Warm regards

IWSC 2024 Local Organizing Committee


Prof. Baruch Rubin, Chair


Prof. Hanan Eizenberg, Co-Chair

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